sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014


Again, the morning mist rises, 
  might calm the weather is today. 
  In autumn, 
  clinging to the cold lonely. 
  It bones, and marrow to sink. 
  I again the lives of the coil, 
  like a film strip. Chassis 
  end time after time again. 
  I can see how friends by my side pass, 
  Dreamy eyes. 

I learned as a child, sometimes the Finnish language, 
tunes, the notes of the melody. 
Maybe sometimes I compose something. 

  I walk the trail of the great longing, 
  I write poetry rhymes it. 
  I have seen the magic of Midas, 
  felt the lure of money, 
  seen riches and poverty. 

  Felt the shock of violence, 
  a distance traveled of genuine love. 

  A moment here in time rested. 
  I have burned in the fire, 
  given heart to deceive over the ice. 
  Now I pass the souls off. 
  Life as a movie Kaurismäki, 
  I drank the nectar from your lips. 

  After a while I thought that I heard delusions, 
  and I found the love of the harbor at last. 
Now, though I walk in the direction I've lost, 
  your words hurt, and all broke 
  I was the angel whose feathers were burned 
the storms of the world.  

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