perjantai 31. lokakuuta 2014

Eternity wedding waltz

The time it jumped out 
of the banks of the stream, 
kissed by a brother Thomas. 
I jumped over the stream, 
Olaf's power. so shall the sea 
whispered through the 
space of the moon. 
I came to shut up the great
 adventure of the world of dreams. 

So quiet is that time, 
who escaped from the hourglass. 
Now the death of timelessness 
wedding waltz with it. 
Woman smiling at the grim, 
Time has stopped. 
Point of November the country is 
the darkness of too devout. 
Sleeps, the rays of the day off 
seasonal affective over time. 
So hungry, bright light. 
the shadows 
to the vague, calls them 
the night of gnomes 
soft warm lap.

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