lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

Space choir

The stars twinkle, the choir space 
singing again. the cold desolation of the rings 
the anthem. The wind echo 
sounds somewhere away. 
Darkness of the night sleeping in my arms. 
Under the supervision of a bright star belt. 
Northern Lights align themselves with his voice, 
 the chorus of the night. 
The country is desolate, almost loveless. 
Mother Earth did not know how 
happy to be lonely. 

How can any human love 
cover, forever would give? 
Inside is the love of the centuries, 
it sleeps in the middle of 
of extinct ideas. 
There is a road too lonely, 
I guess sings to me in a whisper space. 
It is a comforting sound 
I can hear inside me for a moment. 
Emptiness is a hollow silence, 
darkened evenings, darkening autumn.

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