tiistai 28. lokakuuta 2014

Still I float spheres

Still I float spheres, 
I'm too different lace. 
The man on the side for the night 
looking for a woman. 
He saw a beautiful dream 
was in the creation, 
that needs it. 

I get up in the Seventh 
the airship, 
on top of the rainbow. 
the evening of the sixth 
This was when, as the kingdom 
waiting for their prince. 
Maybe I am blind, 
and a heart full of lava. 
It is the soul of the broken pieces, 
full of splinters, 
and sensitive to the wound. 
I still remember the hope that the 
pot size to be glued to, 
intact, and I still sometimes
I would get. 

I sleep. and perhaps only a hundred years old, 
it is the kiss of a prince, 
over to a completely new country.

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