lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

The Samaritan

I've been looking all over, 
lost in shadowy alleys. 

Held the corners of darkness, 
sworn in the name of Christ 
He icing on the cake for all the love? 
On the road unexpectedly walked into the 
the Samaritan 
closed his character in the narrow path. 

Made me feel, 
love, hate, and pain. 
Comforting to the eyes of love 
Fall in fall colors, 
is of interest now my path. 
Again, I am like a little girl, 
I do not know what I'm doing, 
I want to grab the hand of man? 

How impatient young girl 
is a will, a woman grows, 
takes charge of the love constructive. 
Does not know how expensive it is, 
sadness sorrow, only to be given. 
Love only thimbles measured. 

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