sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2014

An ode to love

Do you love me more than 
the lives of loved? 
Even when the posture is pressed 
bowed? If you love, then 
I'm yours. My skin wants you to your skin, 
my hand to grab the warm hand. 
I can be as mild wind that blows 
gently, or darkness,
could you from the sun radius.

The oath I swear to you, 
I'm yours, from the beginning to the end. 
Now, and always, until death arrives 
during the week or on Sunday. 
It is our life here in just a loan, 
it does not grow rate at all. 

I will bankroll this loan administrator. 
If you like me, there is nothing to worry about. 
I do not dismiss your feelings, 
do not be afraid to love. 
I do not ever turn your back to love. 
Now, and always from beginning to end, 
I love you so much. 
More than the sun, and the moon, 
or the nightingale's song wood.

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