perjantai 17. lokakuuta 2014


Waves of love hearts anchors, 
the sounds of the storm rage, besieged us. 
White-headed storm in the throes complained 
and a foam-waves on the ship's rail 
more than hit. So we saw a glimpse of a 
The Daughter of the boatman, he extra time 
fearful, splurging sold. 
Not a happy place on earth, 
not a cloud in the beautiful purple discoloring of the sky. 

Ice cold heart bursts into place. 
I see a steaming lake in the back of your open water. 

Arriving at the ferry over to open the pitfalls lurking, 
the end of the journey is a catamaran. 
Shipwreck, screaming deck crew, 
whether this trip over our heads, 
and the North Pole glacier. 
Sentences cry of these, made ​​haste to tell everyone. 
The only thought is to make the pain go away. 

I think secretly day for the better, 
it is a utopia if only volatile? 
Empty heart beats in my chest, rhythm, 
interrupted. Out of fear blood head rises, 
there narrowly packs. 
Applies to all bursts, cold is the day today. 
There still do not see any savior. 

Frost, wind, cold, stabbing. 
Only wind-racking, 
Scarf Wrap yourself in it a moment to warm. 
Am I in this life it will ship rat last?

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