keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2014

November towards the

Channel on the surface
 of the mist rises 
to listen to, will upon 
icy blanket. 
I passed the lonely shore, 
I grabbed your hand. 
Inside of us was a small flame, 
got wind of the wild ablaze, 
November paragraph may wholly 
within a piece of land. 

Goblin laugh, 
clowning around, he says, I am pleased. 
Days of the radius of a small flame 
the dark part of the heart 
to maintain. Where an undeviating 
Now it will take, he secretly darkness 
to love. 

Good morning people of the world, 
I see a winter sleep, 
until the new morning dawns. 
Leprechaun your hand is warm, 
heart so large, there is a place of 
me too.

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