sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014

I look forward to

I look forward to the ship white, 
I look forward to sail upward, 
when the storm clouds in the sky flanked. 

I can see far beyond the stormy open sea, 
I will go alone way the ship was lost, 
wipe the tears degraded sail. 

My poem is the only sentences in the wind, 
each of them can pick up the most beautiful himself. 
My words can sometimes bring,
the air gives strength. 
Every moment can be a tinker fairy, 
utopia waltz in the air for a moment to ring. 

Fly my bird, my wings become more pronounced, 
aircraft position again, 
weak fenix bird in her arms. 
Now, I have seen my soul, 
it was broken into your arms, 
feet crushed the remnants of it. 

Here, the nymphs dancing on the razor blade, 
I'm flying, countries utopia. 
There will build a bridge, 
on top of the glass world.

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