tiistai 21. lokakuuta 2014

Seeker road

Seeker of beauty on the road 
intense longing. 
For the I in the middle of the storms 
degree of flexibility to bend. 
I am the kind of spring 
flexible willow branch. 
Autumn lap of the current 
sigh, I'm exhausted. 
Ice lady is allowed to make with your fingers 
Prone to many days 
before the ice 
of the whole of Finland's land. 

Last night I was on my forehead 
Queen of the Moon 
golden diadem, 
shining stars race against the law. 
So I maid 
overnight dreaming body, 
I was in the other countries of the world. 
The morning the loud sound of the organ, 
I wake up, 
I throw a poem by word or two, 
I look forward to the day dawning, 
 time santander changing joyous.

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