torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

Komea runokuva/handsome man

handsome man 

Not crying lady giving in marriage, 
no maid man's armpit, 
when a man has its own liking. 
Own a horse to be taken, 
to be held under the roof perch. 
Handsome man is a pleasure to the eye, 
an incomparable source of joy, 
of the heart may beat 
is rapidly bounce. 

The high-peek of the log, 
kantele I will make a beautiful song, 
I write the text of her life 
handsome man. 
Handsome man running in the alley, 
women of marriage age 
dance round the wild. 

Dance gives the power to take, 
man not only tolerate it, 
that worship him 
all the maidens, virgins 
after dribble. 
Meats receiving the best pickle, 
that the food would put the wedding banquet, 
wedding sauna fresh, corresponding to a fold. 

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