maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014


I am looking at the flame of the fire, 
night brought me the sad 
the news. I am mourning the mantle 
Calculation of the heart. 
I'm just numb, the soul 
Self, I'm ready 
comforting embrace. 

The night was dark, slick and black. 
Car meets another, 
the loss is just too great. 
Now growing inside me the Wailing Wall. 
I heard the sad news just right. 

I thought I listen and I wonder, 
what is the fate of karma, 
which can be turned off 
the flame of life. the weight of sorrow 
I feel the steps, the morning 
the pain of me suddenly 
to send. Day in front of the rising 
veil of light in front of me 
the block. 

I'm trying to row the 
Daughter of that river. 
Now, my friend was getting 
colder in the warm lap. 
She left the ferryman of the 
underworld journey. 
Here until the morning blur. 
Angel wings are black. 
I now I feel only sadness and longing.

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