keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2014

Do not say no

Do not say no, if you could say yes. 
Do not say tomorrow is found, 
if you hurry, you can see me today. 
Do not say a woman as a bitch, 
I would say like a queen. 
Do not say gold, but my dear, 
say it with kisses. 
Passionate of the most pressing. 
Do not say, well be, if you answer 
Will we confuse 
a common boiler, 
the same roof of the log below? 

Do not say, all the same,
 even at the risk 
that you would reject without 
response, it is useless to shout. 
Do not be afraid of loneliness, 
because I do not want to be 
medicine for your loneliness. 
Do not whispers, if you need to 
I love just as crazy about you.

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