keskiviikko 2. lokakuuta 2013

Rice grain

Inside of a pain to produce Muslim black stone.
I expect to happen, something larger than life.
Sahara will plant the rice grain, I expect a miracle,
the moon rising. Somewhere: "Open Sesame"
the magic word gets out to open the gates of miracles.
I'll go ahead again, only to wind the heel
a feeling of peace may be. He made ​​me miss,
again is in my mind more than the law authorizes.
Summer turned into autumn again, the winters in October
Earth to tilt. I will ascend to the south
consuming to train. Helsinki rattle inside
achieve them, the time has come to travel, to get
off on a high speed train. The heart too much to expect,
longing for the arch bridge, to no avail while building.

How to get a grain of rice, dry Sahara grow?

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