sunnuntai 20. lokakuuta 2013

Jatzzin sing Hosanna

The count of stars in the sky above snowdrifts,
so great, and the cold is an open space.
Today, once again, turns off, turns on star
bravest novel. My eyes they are the only cinders
the coldest night, I again today on
I make a new tune. Time moves on,
snow in the middle of the living specter gnomes.
I am a soon-extinguishing the last days of the radius,
in October alone in the cold shaking.
In the arms of the winter, it is time to miss Lady of love,
the long winter ahead. Crystals in February
he eaves boards installed, then
while the love of our hearts be blinded March.
I disturbed the winter sleeping in the lap of love,
too early, far too early.
I do not know who you are, who I am, I do not understand it.
I just know it is time to miss the flowers, those ice roses.
I'm sorry, let, if your feelings do not carry well in the cold.
It has frozen wings, and the angel of heaven until December
jatzzin sing Hosanna to the rhythm.

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