lauantai 19. lokakuuta 2013

Love is the meat

   Tamed under fatigue loading rotated love
   Double bed in sheets, to which the lack of partner
   is smitten with rose scented washing powder label.
   I am working out the quirks, where is thy
   courage? Not a shy man served on gold plates.
   Bold brisk Reinos, they take up a love of country
   separate from everything, I'm tired of dumb men
   cry. You are like the fairy tale the emperor with no clothes.
   I would like to hips descend, love, light and moonlight.
   Love is the flesh, the lust against the the nipples. 
   The hand holding hair,anger of kissing.
  Hungry for jubilation, it can hide one second. You would   have liked, I       would have loved to dryness alive.

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