keskiviikko 22. tammikuuta 2014


You're a man in my eyes 
the soot handsome silver willow. 
So you've grown in my eyes 
tall handsome. 
And the thick wavy 
hair, they are so anxious to 
I would like to embed my fingers. 
In my dreams I stumble black silky 
seem like a thick dark hair. 
Your voice in my ear is a beautiful melodious sound of the flute. 
The love you have inside of me as 
summer sun after the rain. 
It will dry up, and heated. 
I will love you through the decades, 
it carries the feeling of youth to mature 
at the time of old age. 
You're the one who spring 
you will get a strong flow of the brook. 
I want to listen to your voice, 
as long as the hearing is in order. 
Still, we have the two Mandarin Duck 
flying in different directions. 
The highest in the world I am afraid that we do not 
Never again will meet you and me.

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