tiistai 14. tammikuuta 2014

The words of wise men

The words of wise men, they take up by the winds.
If none of them write all
sustainable in the annals of the world.
I'm not acting seeker, I look forward to
just the fact that I found.

So different are the parts of the people of the world,
I feel within me the power of the princess, as well as
the weakness of the beggar. It shall be a portion for me,
I upon my thoughts into words,
divide the people of the world.
They are reading a lonely man in New York,
and beautiful woman in a Vietnam.
Sometimes I get a letter from them, electronically
my post, but the news needs.

But this is a small homeland,
here does not exist a single man in my hand to grasp.
Inside point in time fades away.
Enraged, my thoughts are screaming,
among the masses, where the
is the way, the truth, the words of wise philosophers.

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