keskiviikko 22. tammikuuta 2014

Fairy Tale Poem

Today, inside a small flame of longing 
a little bit of longing makes noise. 
My heart is like a wild coil, 
the thermally flips through my mind? 
Then maybe I would like to be 
the wild free duck, sit in flocks 
with moonlight. 
Cloud mattresses is to hear 
the top of it quietly sitting, smiling. 
A children's fairytale way, sometimes 
the world is weird and unpredictable. 
I miss there as those 
nights of my childhood fairy tale seemingly permanent. 
Is a country in one of the children, 
there Hannu and Gretel 
love enough to be attracted. 
I love it in my life 
Hannu, it is Kerttus part. 
Some of the real life, 
a fairy tale by law to change.

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