keskiviikko 8. tammikuuta 2014

My pole

He is just navel-gazing at
crossed eyes what you get
This can be a princess mirror point breaks down.
The side of the woman wants a man,
in the place of an excellent kind of.

Where can a man that does not infringe creativity,
fishing rod and not shy away from caterpillars?
I have the freedom to none,
or the leg irons prisoner by law?

He says the veil in the head,
eyes out of the ice.
The diversity of different countries,
strangeness to be a woman.
Finnish woman's face looks like,
Muslims use the veil only.

The idea just wants to fly,
because time is flying on the wings,
soon there is a twilight
if the strike lumbago
this writing,
the eternal longing.

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