lauantai 25. tammikuuta 2014

Natural Child

The night always by my side monitors, 
the nation of my flight 
a moment in the darkness worships. 
The power of words, it is the gift of the stars? 
I can feel the power inside of me 
it grows, gathers his powers, 
until the spring willows burst into bloom. 
I give life a new opportunity, 
I see your heart, I hear the humility of 
tones up the stroller. 
See how the stars of heaven to shine in my eyes. 

See how fragile flower 
Spring broke out again arise, grow, sprout. 
It's like a young lady who 
woman increases, the flower gradually break out. 
Again, my heart more than the storm passes, 
will have a new birth of spring, sometimes again. 
Lucky Children carry within it 
a new power must be increased. 
I am the child of nature who never adapt 
not the world of adults.

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