torstai 30. tammikuuta 2014

The walls are

Different kinds of walls, prisons are 
in power for the build. 
Hearts without the floor, 
in this moment rests in my arms 
frost of March. winter prison 
build up inside me, I'm in my cell 
in the middle of the cold weather. 
The man on the street to stop me 
would like to buy sex, offers 
me a hundred bucks. 
I look at him angrily, then 
running away from the scene in a hurry. 
I have inside me build my own walls, 
its own hiding place for your strong prison. 
I have dreams of a cross, 
tired of dreams, 
I do not need, crotch thinking now. 
I have a relationship without the right, 
I do not want to increase the prison of loneliness. 
I do not want to build Sulamith the bars.

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