torstai 30. tammikuuta 2014

Coarse culture

The crowd listening to the ice ,
through the masses of spring reverb
I hear the vocalizations of birds, the sun
change alone .
The road is open to a new tomorrow ,
I write rhymes , I state
a new creation.
We would need a gentleman, even if the
angular, who knows what
refers to a living woman.
Tight taxi was a woman, not afraid
even a knife in a man driven shoe
Gas Pistol tickling only
her slender fingers ,
where the sense of danger crept
his heels .
He currently writes poems ,
still gets nightmares at night
to sit behind the wheel of a taxi .
No more cold, freeze his fingers,
those wild fingers on the keys
Rhymes wrap .
Poems of grievances , the evils of stone .
Ring Racks Joensuu, we
gather Sointula ,
collective thoughts to share.
My grip is very thin now lives.
A means exhaust the chorus with
Birch singing talents.
Even then transferred to the idea of ​​Sointula .
Coarse culture, a new opportunity ,
what about the kids I teach writing
the most beautiful poem .

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