sunnuntai 12. tammikuuta 2014

Rhymes tatters

Rhymes tatters, and gather them into sentences.
Today is the flag at half-mast, mourning days
celebrated. The power may be an infringement of weapons
execution to rise. my nightmare
laugh, mock.
Anger, and love, life, first aid kit,
it will often be required. Again, you hit my chest with a sledge hammer,
men growing up without empathy.
Therefore, the women begin to hate.
Women should be treated like a flower,
not to bark, scream, tear the hair.
As a child, I learned how to be invisible.
As an adult, I was trying to please men, even though the
How did it really hurts, when violated, will be called.
My father is little scream, it hit, and hit,
until the bruises on my ribs tingling.
It was my life, grief thick jungle,
which somehow have to get through it.

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