perjantai 31. tammikuuta 2014

Each of us

Each of us is able to injure, 
know how to hurt, to turn the knife in the wound. 
With so much to me in this life I found, 
I lost way too much, you were trying to tie 
I caught yourself the toughest of manila ropes. 
I was your slave as long as the ferryman of the underworld daughter 
my thoughts away from you corrected. 
So much to discover, much more 
multi-owns the other wants. Difficult it is to forget 
if too deep wounds inside gets. 
It takes too long scars on the increase, 
to turn his thoughts to beautiful thoughts 
the horizon. There is still too much of the trip, 
forced only to have to try to continue until the 
my scars are strong enough in front of me 
new doors which open up the call handles.

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