keskiviikko 22. tammikuuta 2014

My cup is full

 My heart meets desolation, as the abode is full. 
I look at the skyline. The sun has already risen high and no longer have, hurry anywhere. My mind is calm, even if the wait is over for the moment. 
I think about my life and think back to times past. 
Have not I been waiting all my life? 
Did not then, and then wished for nothing? 
And, do not come all that I've been waiting for? 
So many left to me an invitation to be ignored. 
I play more with my brother, but my heart is no longer play along. I look forward to Him. He has promised to come again. 
I do not believe, however, that he shall never arrive. 
I see people make haste over. I do not run up, and I close my soul. Nor do I cry, even when figuratively nails trodden. 
I'm no longer ashamed to be a woman, I do not friend anyone.

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