sunnuntai 18. lokakuuta 2015

Towards a leap day 29.2.2016

Again I would like to jump
time to jump to the youth
swan song.
Maybe I no longer believe in it
childhood angel of the table.
Too many times
I turned over the paths of life.
Among the bumps I could write
a book or popular music.
You and I, we are unable
no longer listen to each other.
You do not want anymore to come to me
to kiss. I wait
next year is a leap day once again
where the shadow of humor
me to briefly lose
shred of reason. skirt fabric
I do not get you, but
I look forward to just kiss.
I know who I am, and what
tea, still in front of you swallow
just a tear. Maybe you jump
over with a broom, if
world sometimes begins another
thoughts, wishes to hear?

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