maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2015

Sure power

Sure power
to defend the weak. helps
helpless to get up from the ditch.
I will not always write to you
it is what the people want to hear.
Home from bone death-dog
autumn becoming trapped somewhere
kaluaa. And the world notices
what we throw valuable
dirty water to the drain
natural river bed.
Now again it is time to autumn
putting off out of it fall color
Dyed beauty, and many
heart oppresses all bleakness.
A writer at the same time
morning wakes up in the night again
write the same sentence,
commas, and points boomerang
rotate. For him, the small hours
always enough for the world more alive
whip up. He has words
Queen carries non-existent
scepter, as long as the
her position on this land.

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