torstai 15. lokakuuta 2015


Overnight enchanting reed flute plays,
and his audience to reach. melody
narcotic trance, but agrees with the
beach of willows.
Carrion birds of the night and going,
fall asleep owl alleviate rumors.
And I saw when the arch of heaven
rises over the moon, and stars patterns
get a night of black velvet coverage
embroidery decorates.

October to remove the leaves from the trees,
and the darkness of the hollow echo gets
It despair, melancholy
Law is reflected in the mouths of infants.

Nature throughout the coming winter
bobs, and the heat rushes to the beach
little by little completely for a moment
disappears. Still, I'm not sad,
snares'm gonna fall in philosophy,
as comforting cotton wool.

Hardly me the sugar syrup
childhood reared.
I had strong roots in the domestic
the earth with the increase,
and a strong heart rhythm
life of the main road to walk.

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