tiistai 6. lokakuuta 2015

Time karma

Wind of the same scent to get
rotten stench that mother earth
breasts vomit.
I can hear some sounds of rifle,
even though I was born a soldier.
Shoulder wets crying
the widow's tears. time karma
Day after day deepens,
I am no longer far away from home nurkiltani
go. each defends
only in its own right, who
raaskii to break their own piece of happiness
and the weaker hand out?
I am still alive
even if the war against the pigs in the corn oats,
and black is too fluid life.
I write about all this
today melancholically popular music.
Finnish maiden demonstration
Kux lux clan will be wearing a robe.
Many times, jealousy, anger since
contaminates your own home garden.
Too weak is the meat of young men,
in many countries, the girl is a woman
completely worthless. I know where
lives inside of womanhood in
my best value.
I gave birth to four daughters,
they are here to protect, and at the same
a hug, I would like to close
son each world,
as well as a daughter.

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