keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2015

Many memories

Little by little, I Swings
fatigue, sleep grain.
Who remembers it Sillanpää
a novel small Silja,
who passed away at a young age.
Oh, if only to this world
a better place to be for you.
I Silja I read once,
where I learned to properly
to spell, many other
I watered the track of the same
my pillow with tears.

At home I lived in an atheist who
the power of philosophy to me to pull hair.
It was one of a believer,
and the woman penitent.
However, the best were
grandma, grandpa, and they have a heart
was golden. Granny's garden
was crowned with flowers pet
wearing an apron is always unwashed.
Inside of many lives
the memory of the rough, a little
a number of which gold trophies
land. Receive childhood sun
always shine.

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