maanantai 12. lokakuuta 2015

Loneliness pilot

Loneliness pilot,
to steer the ship to port.
Not the reefs, islets,
every face.
The songs on the streets
Fall to compose
the winds of the world
I send.
soul of the sea
storm islets rings
symphonies missing
Where can I find it
sail my ship last,
which sails sticks
the winds of great love.

I hiding, I lost
myself. Somewhere hidden
is a lost humanity.
Now autumn storms hitting
a foam-beach rock.
Similarly, the inside of a storm.
My soul is longing to shout,
the way the other person.

I am close to you,
but too far away
the fact that you'll find me.
Sooner autumn winter
changes frost hardens the marshes.
My bark are watching with admiration,
but where are the salts of love?
Those who rub each other
Common frenzy, falling.

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