torstai 8. lokakuuta 2015

The poem Thursday's challenge glow

Moonlight mysterious glow
a big round ball moon
Crescent is left longer on the
moon perimeter is no longer the sky on them.
inside lives
Too many wage-army.
They struggle to know how to take,
Junk dreams away
apt to automatically work when
the moon shimmer.
In my cheeks feels hot,
if we wait we are like two moth
a spider's web.

Struggling nyo is quite unnecessary,
when the spider's venom
led us to extacy.
Fear of the night of power may be,
black widow preys.

In the shadows, there is darkness,
the bat's cry of shrillness.
Moon glow now gets a laugh,
the gypsy dances
a. Overnight moments of true
There is a time. authority must
moonlight glow.

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