tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2015

Blindly in the dark

History perhaps it is similar to a joke,
like a beautiful Rauma lace.
In the same trench as well as rypee
Good Samaritan,
as well as chauvinist.
Who will find a number of its
which breaks the willow rope
Oh, this writer's whining noises
it breaks my brain spreads to the head.
There is nowhere any friends,
and the enemy paddle worm
ate the eggs. we quenched
the inside of the light of reason
the last. Afterwards only
others feel her up in the dark, darkness
number of blind in trying to
to seize the baton.

We do not have any more old-fashioned
leader does not rise to Ronald Reagan
the saddle. Does not grab the worm Alli
tweezers, not cleaned of parasites
this nation of such.
Old-time in our memories
glows brighter than
it was, not its grandeur can
dim alcohol at all.

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