torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

This moment

I knew what I'm looking for
I feel the hand with a secure grip
stick to the surface of the trapezium.
Ungrateful busy heels
whip again, is not yet
Snow in October in the country.
This feeling is useless to hide,
I do not want this secret
a human shield to polish.

Pain in the nail strike the shoulder
through the circus arena;
at a distance of less than a fearsome lot.
Who is part of the safety net
to guide the artist's life.
This moment, and do I wish
weeping clown part
to change this life?

I will hide the fact that I feel
be painful to a feeling of love.
In my eyes you could see how
I love you a lot, but
in a hurry to prevent that you will not stand
never long enough
before me. You're just
Pungent thorn in my flesh,
encrypted king of spades on my sleeve.
Longing for an urgent stream
the cycles of the heart crash
pace of life blood.

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