keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2015

The red-haired devil

Night caresses one of these
sleepless wanderer.
Emotions regrow
the strength of nights
weapons to disarm
you are playing.
how rarely
I have not gone
a man of words
confused. True rarely,
Now maybe my heart
you place in me
so as to place the most.
Heart organ play
great symphonies,
so long as this
night one of them a woman to dance.
All the words in what I am now,
writing, by return of post
I send you in the morning.

I listen to the night quiet
whispering, and eye
I create a rising morning
star. I feel inside of me
while its sparkling gather strength
words spring from the source.
I am the world's monitors
author, with passionate with words
Sparkling, it redheaded
the devil.

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