lauantai 19. syyskuuta 2015

The most important thing

On the altar of greed
frankincense, myrrh,
and on the meadow.
I'm learning to be
humble, yet becoming
like a slave.
At times, my anger boils
over, lift up a sign
over the barricades,

over the barricades,
calling for humanity.

Finnish Maiden in
gallant wise Urho
someone in the news sighs.
The balance of our country
bring on the shaft.
Past memories of it
always changes for the better.
Intelligence, if you will excuse us,
and all the necessary
warmth, and food.

That much I am impartial,
I do not advise astute,
teach the teachers.
I do not despise orphans,
I do not play savior.

The most important thing of all is
humanity, decision-makers
Starlets gift giving
Solomon's heart,
and intellect Grail bowl
position. Greed let him be
far away from us, and
in vain battle being raised
a sword, not types.

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