tiistai 29. syyskuuta 2015


After all arrive in the emptiness,
Ship grounding allowed.
Kari soul from the deck
call gets, over time miraculous.
Wind cold is dancing over the world.
The sea is about a merciless.
Thoughts bottom of the wave,
screaming gulls recesses of the soul,
calm sense of peace somewhere
is far from gone.
Many sleep walker tears
then gets to see, over time, with cover
a siren's song to confirm.
I have seen the rains arrive again,
lost tears skills which
erases nasty out.
Withered happiness emotions
my soul remains. I do not feel the other part
the joy of happiness, and a burning shame.
I wandered away from you far away,
and blown back again contrite steps.
I am at your door most forgotten thoughts,
loneliness is in my soul than
Early in September.

Have I said it all
which was forced to say,
Now am I from my soul empty,
as well as the nude?

How many times I have been
so as Judas denied
words of love?

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