torstai 10. syyskuuta 2015

The power of the Dark

The power of darkness, it is finding
the people in rebellion.
Make Trombone ring,
and the evil happily dancing.
Who rely on a set of power
into force?
Under too great a burden
collapses refugee
less than a world of oppression.
Then there are those lucrative
transit to the world,
refugees playing.
Polluting really
in distress reputation,
poison the good raw material.
A small human pain
is like the crescendo fall colors,
 and with the blood of the world
beach sky red staining.

Who dares to recognize their own,
helplessness, need for assistance.
The people afraid, not all of them
turn weak back. I hate-mongering
the people of produce that 
is not decision-makers
reason for running trust.

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