torstai 24. syyskuuta 2015


Mornings give, the days the wounds will improve,
Evenings bear. Invites you to sleep a laptop, a bridge leads
reality, and utopia beyond.
I am on the payroll Cupid, I'll do
poem imparts the most of the work.
I've grown attached to, chords, words,
Joensuu walking street.

That is it, you are my poems
catch was anchored. It was knew you,
be my muse.
These feelings of an endless roads,
I deeply distressing rhymes I write love.

With these words, which have been planted inside me.
Finnish language for all affected,
other languages I guess sometimes swallowed up inside it.
Kalevala, the people of the time, Sampo was forged
squirrel skins, markka, the euro traded.
Tellervo woodland god Tapio's daughter,
where is your special someone what a gallant Urho.
At some fiddling on the trail, in the rat race
acquiring glory, and wealth.
It's pretty pointless stuff, it can not be exported
the death of the variable.

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