perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2015

Clown's heart

Sometimes you dig things in the teeth
toothpick between, then
they do not bother me anymore.
The World in the eyes of näekö
this internal clown's heart?
The madness of honey most lips
kisses me again, it will continue
until white
clean snow is on the ground.
I have inside me the whole
Ocean noise filled
words that tend to sea
foam to flow much freedom.

I'd come to me, you quit
The Kiss my lips
turn off this moment
longing. I then pliable
as supple willow,
humble ourselves to rest on the lap
man. Am I the only path
which leads past you, or
I can find the way to your place?
I write for nothing
this longing, sad for you?

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