torstai 10. syyskuuta 2015

In September Drums

In the morning I wake up the cliff
echo, off your own
a strange yoik.
Somewhere far away
September rumbling drums,
votes allow forest
hummocks. little people
I guess in some pad,
the last day of the radius
looking for the way to a warm.
Inside the cavity of the mountain
some secret place is.
There's an old-time
the law, and the strange is free
the power base. It lives in the expectation
winter, and the snow that
all the secret people
hide. Then it is
period invisible
the world live without fear,
and mountains, cliffs
inside the blossom.
Only the writer's ears
is accurate, and mind open
uninhibited. He must not only hear,
when any autumn drums
play the rhythm of goblins,
and the fairies from the cold,
weak dance

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