maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

Love song

Tell me, my man will you
take my by hand.
I fant be your woman,
and dance if you want.
Is Your decision now finally clear?
Not backed by any humanic fear?

Orders words You I always take,
things large and horrible I make,
in the name of Your very sake,
but sometimes the orders may be fake.

Many men I have to hate,
in front of You I put down my head,
You, my man, are really true,
signs to song, there is no clue.

We shall travel million miles,
just to light homes into nights,
these indeed are our darkest desires,
unlike they, we are no lies.

I am writing in my diary love song,
it is sad and it isn’t long.

Opponents of Yours are weak,
into hands of my shall I them seek,
sorrow shall I burry into them, deep,
they'll become only some black sheep.

In my memories you are standing tall,
in my name shall I finally fall,
Yours once I shall totally be,
and I hope You don't disagree,
soul of my belongs to you,
Waterloo in my mightiest and yet so true

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