perjantai 14. elokuuta 2015

Sweet heart

Sweet heart desires
germinate, grow it
love the golden grain.
I know from inside
that feeling deep.
I write out the soul
echoes those of the Lapps
yoiks style.
Doth the inside of the whole
space, or is it
just a new opportunity?

I can be an intact human being,
to walk the lonely path.
Lottery profits like
would be the moment when love
sticking your hand lonely
woman. I always dare
jump to the fullest emotions
the rushing rapids.

I would venture to give a kiss
up of shy man's cheek.
Do not ask for forgiveness,
show real feelings.
You really do not know
the fact that everyone always
I am writing a witch
happy stories, quiet
otherwise I'm in the midst of the people.

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