tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Dead nettles itching

I still want to experience
dead nettles, itching,
Murmurs of discontent gentle lips.
I do not give up even if the
I'm drowning here to emotions
jungle. me
provided it
word of power power,
writer to shield humanity.

Here I am, and this ice
caught hold of my words.
What binds me to this
the city, and the mood?

Joy, and love whether
the destruction of man, an emotional
Rain besieging the I
I go Tuulaaki dance,
there might be found.

I yearn for you, rush
beside you lose.
You can not wait for the moment,
that you tell him,
how much I love you.
I squeeze my lips together,
and the feelings inside me choke.

Throat rises on
tightness in the piece, not the source
out of my mouth no confession,
not my lips no oath.

Kiitos valokuvasta (c) Eeva Mirjam Oksanen 

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