keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2015

My grandma and Mannerheim

Black man Mannerheim
the movie is selected. People of Finland
peas bear nose.
Perhaps it I smile,
Satan laughs ironically.
How industrious sometimes
are we Mannerheim League for women.
Women in family work,
we are the souls of the itch,
for families with children due to work
is made.

I Mannerheim League for the dead
family, today niiasin.
Even in my eyes the old salt
My grandmother, he liked woman
I knew, her dolls fronts
working hard. Now, in honor of the motherland,
and chivalry to write
this poem a little everyday.

Grandpa never told no,
from as many medals
the war he got.
After the war, he was
a man of the quietest.
World of sound just created
beautiful violin melodies.

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