perjantai 21. elokuuta 2015

I look at the world as a movie

I look at the world as a movie,
which is one of the sponsor's image.
That man's name reads
woman's tattooed face
It was written in the
sometimes ancient stone
inside the castle.
Life it is sometimes bitter,
too salty, sometimes
as the sugar that melts
too soon to be out.

Doe is always
too stubborn, lonely
hermit in the city in the battle
Between the flow of people.
As the baton rusty
time in the stroller fight.
The man you'd be the anchor of my life
where as if the time
place to linger. Do you have time
Toy my try,
remain in me,
stop for a moment for me?
It would be paradise to me
I could then live with you
dive together
our dreams.
Now, while there is morning, and the point
six o'clock.
My last words I
this morning I write,
perhaps the conscience of these
undeterred. It is unlikely you
ever think you'll find,
that a lot of you, I,
 I love.

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