perjantai 28. elokuuta 2015


The world is sometimes something
the mind ends and the beautiful,

daring to love, he-goats.
September around the corner and the days

Shorter fishy happens over the country.
The sky came a humming of the sea
the symphony, and the northern lights dance.

Summer is already past the sun
Minute shone, glowed for a while.
Capturing the feeling of love,
tightness in the head hoop.
I am writing a story,
an ode to ram capriciously.
It's not always money that
the world is best able to rotate.
The last days of August,

woman will see
the future concentrated?
Who would want me to seem connected?

Solid intoxicating feeling in the bone,
thoughts spinning in the stars, moon.
The remaining only in dreams,
they commemorate the summer
I had with me. I miss you,
Humor caused it.

Never play with the emotions of man,
you can generate too much longing.

Note the kind of world wind
I turn my back to cold.
Last rhymes I write this story.

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