maanantai 17. elokuuta 2015

Heart written in blood

Heart to write the century
a love story. The night mist
lap swaying, and sleepily pant
I remember again what
feel flush of another human being.
After a while I like the wild rose
You're inside of it feeling
hot secret.
I will go back to
unto the lost power,
it whispers to me again
Please come soon, run.

Then my face
playing with the moon, and 
the Northern Lights
my side is lowered.
I can get into my eyes
The most beautiful photos.
Gone are those hesitant
permits, still I walk alone
walking against the wind.
No night sleep tired let,
no heart peace may be.
Not my wings come to you carry.
A thousand emotions direction
hiding behind the northern lights.

Individual autumn leaves tree beside me
fall colors in the
I still remember the summer sand castles,
they pay the price of a strange memories again.
Inside is a mirror of love,
if you do not see your image,
and I feel great pity.

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