maanantai 13. huhtikuuta 2015


Mornings give, the days of wounds healing,
Evenings bear. Invites you to sleep a laptop, a bridge leads
reality, and utopia beyond.
I am on the payroll Cupid, tea
the poem as the creator of the most of the work.
I've grown attached to, chord charts,clichés ,
Joensuu the pedestrian.
That is it, you are my poems
was anchored closed. It was knew you,
be my muse.
These feelings of the endless roads,
I deeply distressing rhymes I write love.
With these words, which are planted inside me.
Finnish Language for all affected,
I guess more into other languages, sometimes swallowed.
Kalevala, the people of the time, Sampo was forged
squirrel pelts, markka, the euro traded.
Tellervo forest god Tapio's daughter,
where there is a boyfriend, what a gallant Urho.
At some jealousy on the trail, the rat race
acquiring glory, and wealth.
It's pretty pointless stuff, it can not be exported
underworld behind the tent.

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